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Re: ghost for linux?

also sprach Alvin Oga (on Thu, 01 Mar 2001 06:16:26PM -0800):
> except for partitions that are like 90% full than i dd' um....

... at the expense of not being able to change partition size or file
system format...

> and yeah...all of the "system" is already on cdrom.... but guess
> some like to burn a "installed cdrom"... oh well...
> 	- hopefuly thats patched and debugged and cleaned up version

you mean, a bootable cdrom?

> and always check your backs before putting it aside...
> 	like "lilo" it...after dd'ing

huh? of course check your backups, but what is lilo'ing it? if it's a
tar file and/or on cdrom???


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