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Re: Printer recommendations

On Tuesday 27 February 2001 09:56, Bud Rogers wrote:
> On Monday 26 February 2001 19:36, Sean wrote:
> > I would second the choice for a laser printer ... I believe they
> > are often of better construction than inkjets, and the cost per
> > page is significatnly less. Not to mention the benefit of not
> > having all your printed type simply disappear into a blurry mess
> > if the paper happens to get wet.
> Same here.  A couple of years ago we bought an HP 680C inkjet so my
> wife to print color graphics.   About a year ago I bought an HP 6L
> laser for grad school research papers.  This year my wife used her
> Christmas money to buy another 6L and lugged the inkjet to the
> upstairs closet.  She decided on her own that crisp monochrome was
> better than smudged color.  And the cost per page is roughly an
> order of magnitude better.

The Canon BJC 7000 series produces fairly water-resistant B&W and 
color output. They use what is called P-POP technology (plain paper 
optimized printing) which pre-sprays the target paper with a clear 
"ink optimizer" liquid that effectively transforms plain paper into 
higher quality inkjet paper. (That's company literature for you) Note 
that even the output of the notorious Epson inkjets become water 
resistant when done on special ink jet paper.

As for the other inkjets: HP and Lexmark inkjets produce water-proof 
black. The black ink is pigmented. So if you want waterproof prints, 
print in monochrome.

My Lexmark 7000 printer is pretty fast. 8 ppm for 300dpi black text 
output. Resolution tops at a claimed 1200 dpi. Unless you're planning 
to reprint your version of War and Peace, I would settle for the 
lower cost inkjet. If it breaks, ditch it for another lower cost 

BTW: Wet ink has one advantage over laser-fused toner. It tends to 
hold better against creases. Try folding or scratching a laser output.

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