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Re: Which computer to buy ?

Joris Lambrecht wrote:
> let's not get carried away here, tom admit's the P4 is inferior to the K7
> ... FOR NOW ... once P4 optimized program's start showing up you'll see the
> K7 squashed on nearly every account, the more expensive P4 will pay off
> then.
Looking at how things worked out with MMX I do not think its worth
MMX is nice but in order to take any advantage of it you still need to 
assembler programming. From what I have seen the it is just as difficult
using the P4 SSE2 instructions and it is highly probable that they will
not be widely used unless someone makes gcc generate SSE2 code. This is
by no means a trivial task so I would expect it to take years if it
at all.

> Also, Linux is more likely to support the P4 any time soon then any other
> OS. Let's not forget that there is allready a 64-bit version of linux
> running on the P4, recompiling your program's on this platform will yield a
> SERIOUS performance gain.
I am very curious to see benchmarks supporting this claim. Anyone out
who has done some benchmarking and care to share the numbers with us ?

> My guess is that if you're on a budget (who isn't) you have no 'choice' but
> to go for a K7 with a 760 based chipset, the newer motherboards with the via
> KT266 chipset are most advisable ... ddr is comming up to speed and dual
> boards are expected round october
> have fun,
> joris
Happy hacking,


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