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RE: Which computer to buy ?

let's not get carried away here, tom admit's the P4 is inferior to the K7
... FOR NOW ... once P4 optimized program's start showing up you'll see the
K7 squashed on nearly every account, the more expensive P4 will pay off

Also, Linux is more likely to support the P4 any time soon then any other
OS. Let's not forget that there is allready a 64-bit version of linux
running on the P4, recompiling your program's on this platform will yield a
SERIOUS performance gain.

My guess is that if you're on a budget (who isn't) you have no 'choice' but
to go for a K7 with a 760 based chipset, the newer motherboards with the via
KT266 chipset are most advisable ... ddr is comming up to speed and dual
boards are expected round october

have fun,


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Cam Ellison wrote:
> Lars Knudsen wrote:
> >
> > hzi@uol.com.br wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello, Antonio!
> > >
> > >         IMHO, you should buy Intel, since AMD chips don't do floating
> > > point operations adequately (these are important in graphics), unless
> >
> > This was true years ago but is certainly not true anymore.
> > The AMD Duron and Thunderbird chips are at least as good as
> > a PIII and very much better than the P4. The P4 is only
> > worthwhile if you have applications that are specifically
> > optimized for it and as far as I know no such applications
> > exists for Linux.
> >
> A recent article in The COmputer Paper (you could find it in
> www.canadacomputes.com. I think) found the Athlon 1.2 whipped the P4 in
> virtually every test category.  And it's less than half the price,
> especially when you add memory into the equation.
> --
> Cam Ellison Ph.D. R.Psych.

Something similar is reported in http://www.tomshardware.com

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