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RE: Burning CD-ROMs as user

i do have an RTFM problem, to little time is the definition

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From: Martin Albert [mailto:MartinAlbert@gmx.net]
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Subject: Re: Burning CD-ROMs as user

On Thursday 15 February 2001 13:07, Joris Lambrecht wrote:
> if it's a good idea to let all users use it, why not just change the
> execute permission to world permissions ?
> Also, i took a look at gcombust (yuck) and couldn't find a way to
> burn 12x cdrom's does anyone have any advice on this, i'm even
> thinking about commerial software right now, burning cd's seems (like
> browsers) rather rudimentary.

It seems you have a RTFM problem?
Do sth. against it or spend the $$ to have somebody else do it for you.

Having setup your /etc/defaults accordingly, there could be nothing 
easier than 'cdrecord isofile'. Knowing how to use your Desktop-env. 
you might even have that as an icon or sth. But unitl you find the 
right item to click, i'm halfway through with burning :)

man cdrecord is all you need.

btw. cdrecord can not gain real-time privileges when started by a user.

greetings, martin

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