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Re: Weird platform and Debian (changed), any experiences?

A small revision, the frst was in HTML format... sorry for that


I just set up a linux firewall at home, but I'm a little confused about its
type of platform. It's a NexGen Nx586, I tried to install RedHat first (I
had experience using that as a firewall on some 'normal' machine)but it just
kicked out the installation-procedure after the first boot. Next I tried
Mandrake and Suse, both without any luck. I checked the hardware HOWTO and
didn't read anything about support to this platform, nor anything negative
about it. I found some (very few!) resources, mainly questions as well,
about the Nx586. The only thing that may be interesting to mention is that
Linux recognizes the platform as a 386 machine.

The situation now is as follows: I installed debian, very minimal
installation, and set up ipchains/ipmasq/portfw for my internal network.
Debian does run but there are mainly two errors which regularly occur. The
first is just a complete lock up of the firewall, with a lot of nasty dumps.
The second is a litle more weird. It doesn't lock up (traffic between the
internal network and the internet is possible, in both directions) but I
can't login in any way.

I first discovered the problems trying to login using SSH from work (or
whatever location), it disconnected me immediately without any further
response. When I tried to login onto the firewall locally it directly came
up with a message like: 'Error in /sbin/login', and a library-file is
mentioned (will look it up if it appears again). A similar thing occurs when
trying to shutdown the machine. If I press ctrl-alt-del at the same time it
tries to 'init' but then gives an error also. (means I have to reboot it
manually, and everything seems to work fine again, until the same thing

Any help would be appreciated, but mainly I'm interested if people have
experiences with this combination of hardware/OS, and if anyone has some
tips on making this setup a bit more stable, though I can understand people
saying that I should buy a 486 for a few bucks ;)



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