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No controlling TTY

This has been bugging me for a while. I had some time today, but still can't 
figure it out.

When I use ssh or scp from a shell I have no problems at all, but when I use 
xemacs M-! shell command to move a file, it dies on me with:

You have no controlling tty.  Cannot read passphrase.
lost connection

It dies whether I am using xemacs in X or a virtual terminal.

It used to work, it used to pop-up w/ x11-ssh-askpass and that would be that. 
Now it has stopped. I checked the archives here and the main theme seems to be 
making sure that X11Forwarding is on in the server, and that ForwardX11 is on 
in the client. These are on.

Any help would be appreciated.
Lance Levsen, Programmer
Product Innovation
PWGroup - S'toon.

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