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domain setup & email/DSL


I'm wondering if I made an error when I initially set up my

My wife runs a webcam site at www.atomcam.com. The site is hosted by a
company called warped, and our DSL service is provided by another
company (the whole DSL thing is something I know v. little -- in a
technical sense -- about). We have a cluster of 5 static IPs and I use one
of them, the other four being for the cams, some of which have their own
internal IP addresses.

When I set up my Debian box, I named it debian.atomcam.com, which seemed
logical at the time. I have since changed the numeric IP (we switched DSL
providers when it turned out the former one had NOT BEEN PAYING THEIR
BILLS to Covad ...) but have kept the debian.atomcam.com name.

My networking-totally-ignorant question is: can I just "take" this name
like this and assign it to my machine and "expect" things to
work? Telnetting out (and *in* from outside when I use numeric IP) works
fine, as do surfing, etc. But I have been trying to set up email -- I
supposedly have a POP account with warped, for one -- and having no luck.

I don't expect the list to hold my hand and teach me networking, but if
anyone can point me toward a good set of documents, I'd be
grateful. If nothing else it sort of frightens me that this machine 
may be a sitting duck, security wise. And I hate being ignorant! :0)


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