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X hangs

Greetings -

  I set up X 4 recently, and have finally succeeded in making the tdfx drm
module cooperate with me... It works great, except for one thing: if I leave
the room for any period of time, say an hour, I can't expect my system to be
functioning when I come back.

  I can't quite put my finger on the circumstances, but I come back, my
console is blanked, and my system won't respond.

  Even the SysRq key won't do anything. An unRaw, Sync, and Reboot command
via sysrq do nothing.

  This always seems to happen sometime after the console blanks. I'm running
xautolock but it wasn't the cause -- i tried turning it off. Anyone have
an idea of how to circumvent this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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