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Re: True Type fonts

Hall Stevenson wrote:
> > > >helpful page: http://home.c2i.net/dark/linux.html#ttf
> >
> > I use XFree86-4 with the xfs-xtt font server. I have tried other
> > ways and  xfs-xtt gives the best results of any in netscape.
> I followed the directions on the page above and got the results shown
> here with Netscape:
> http://www.mindspring.com/~hallstevenson/files/screenshot-012801.jpg
> I'm using *only* the built-in TrueType server with XFree86 v4.

	Well supposedly the built-in server is not as good as xfs-xtt for
rendering fonts according to the pkg description:

This package provide X-TrueType font server. This is compatible  normal X
font server, but added X-TrueType font handling scheme support instead of
FreeType backend. XFree86 4.0's font server can handle TrueType too, but it
can not handle TTCap. By using TTCap description, support for font
transformations, such as slanting, adjusting glyph width, pseudo-bolding,


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