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Re: postgresql 7.0.3 -- but NO plperl ?

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 06:08:20PM -0800, Eric G . Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 05:31:46PM -0600, will trillich wrote:
> > what do i need to get "plperl" active as a language from within
> > the new postgresql?
> I don't know for sure, but take a look at /usr/lib/postgresql/lib.  Do
> you have libperl.so ?  If so, I guess the handler is there.  Now, you
> can look at /usr/lib/postgresql/lib/makelang_pl.sql for an example of
> how to enable it.  I don't know why there isn't a plperl script, like
> the one for plpgsql.



Eric G. Miller <egm2@jps.net>

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