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Re: Cannot boot off hardrive and help?

Send (attach) your lilo.conf file in /etc/ and perhaps
we can see what is wrong. Once repaired, you can simply re-run
lilo and it will configure the mbr to boot any OS's you want
to run from your hard drive.


On Sunday 04 February 2001 17:59, David B. Harris wrote:
> To quote Daniel Mashao <daniel@vitasat.ee.uct.ac.za>,
> # All the computer says is:
> #   Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0...
> #
> # and it never finds it so it goes thru other options such as CD and
> Floppy.
> This confirms what I originally thought; the MBR hasn't been
> written(this is done by either LILO, GRUB, or any other boot loader).
> # No I have installed LILO. I have used lilo since I got to know Linux
> which
> # was around 1994. I thought of installing grub but I do not know how it
> # works. The problem seems to be much earlier. My hard drive is 15GB.
> Oh, that makes things extremely odd. In that case, double-check that
> /etc/lilo.conf is correct, and then run 'lilo'. Does it give you any
> errors?
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