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Re: Cannot boot off hardrive and help?

On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, David B. Harris wrote:

> To quote Daniel Mashao <daniel@vitasat.ee.uct.ac.za>,
> # I cannot boot from my harddrive. I made sure the root partition is
> # bootable according to fdisk. This is a new Debian install using potato
> # disks. I can boot (slow) from a diskette.
> The error you get when trying to boot off the harddrive would be useful.
All the computer says is:
  Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0...

and it never finds it so it goes thru other options such as CD and Floppy.

> Otherwise, my guess would be that you havn't installed LILO or GRUB.
> They're both what are called "boot loaders". They take on the task of
> booting a kernel or OS, and passing any appropriate parameters to the
> aforementioned kernel or OS.
No I have installed LILO. I have used lilo since I got to know Linux which
was around 1994. I thought of installing grub but I do not know how it
works. The problem seems to be much earlier. My hard drive is 15GB. 

> Neither are particularily easy to set up; check out the HOWTOs available
> at www.linuxdocs.org .

Thank you,

Daniel J. Mashao	      	
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University of Cape Town	       	          http://www.eleceng.uct.ac.za/~daniel 
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