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Re: OT: fvwm95 configuration

Sebastiaan wrote:

> Hello,
> I want to configure fvwm95 window manager to my own needs. Does anyone
> know a tool with which I can configure Fvwm95-Buttons and put a background
> image? I have read some docs about it, but they were not very clear. I
> know how to adjust the Buttons by editing the config file, but I found
> nothing about putting an image on the background.

Something like:

"Exec xv -root -quit -max  /path-to-file/picture.jpg"


"Exec xli -border cyan4 -onroot -quiet -center /path-to-file/picture.xpm"

in your ~/.fvwm95/post.hook file should work. Without the quotes of course.



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