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Re: Managing many Debian machines

> i love dpkg-repack! you can setup a box, then recreate the .deb with
> your settings, and install it anywhere. (ok, my debian network is four
> machines, so this approach may be worth just 0.02$...)

Nice solution...I was looking into creating a dummy package of just the
config files we needed to install a configuration specific to our setup,
but this might work as well.

Question: apt-get is a noticebly interactive program...what kind of
problems does one run into when running it from a cronjob or the like?
This is the major issue in applications involving many machines, as I
want to keep the machines up to date (or at least up to what I say is
the up to date version at the moment), yet I don't have the resources to
ssh into each box and do an apt-get. Hiring college students to do this
isn't an option, either. =)


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