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On Sat, 03 Feb 2001, Matthias Wieser wrote:
> I am interested how I can make GRUB my favorite boot loader.
> Right now make-kpkg wants to run Lilo. I just need to get the files
> in place and GRUB will do the rest, i can change the menu, if
> necesary by hand.

$ cd /usr/share/doc/kernel-package; zless README.gz

Then see that it mentions grub and a script in the directory that
you're in.  Have a look at that script.  Edit the script to your

> By the way, why are many using Lilo. In my opinion, GRUB does not
> break as easy. Once running, it is good for starting.  The reason,
> you can already explore at boottime the whole file system.  Thus if
> your kernel-build goes wrong, you just start an other kernel.(even
> if it is NOT in the boot-menu) (think about broken lilo, it won't
> start ... and if some lines are missing, there is no old kernel to
> boot)
> Or do I miss an issue about the GRUB?

For one thing, it does not appear to support RAID at all.  Also, it is
the traditional boot loader for linux on i386.  This goes a long way.
But grub is better if you're not using RAID.  


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