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Re: SysV Init


The scripts are stored in /etc/init.d
Each runlevel has its own directory e.g. /etc/rc0.d, /etc/rc1.d etc. In the runlevel dirs there are a load of symlinks to the scripts in /etc/init.d. The format of the filename is:

Sxx<scriptname> to run a script with the start argument when entering the level Kxx<scriptname> to run a script with the stop argument when entering leaving the level

xx is a number which tells init which order to run the links, lowest first, <scriptname> is the name of the script in /etc/init.d, I don't believe that matching the name is a requirement as I think that init only cares about the first three chars, just common sense for administration.


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Stephen Robertson wrote:

I'm fairly new to Debian and still learning the system.  What is the
accepted method of configuring which services are stopped and started in

each run level, and how can I add my own commands to the Init scripts.
RedHat provided a file called rc.local for adding user commands.  Is
there a similar method in Debian?

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