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RE: SysV Init

On 03-Feb-2001 Stephen Robertson wrote:
> I'm fairly new to Debian and still learning the system.  What is the
> accepted method of configuring which services are stopped and started in
> each run level, and how can I add my own commands to the Init scripts.
> RedHat provided a file called rc.local for adding user commands.  Is
> there a similar method in Debian?

man update-rc.d

You need to add a /etc/init.d/local script.  Debian does not ship one.

As for what starts and stops, debian basically assumes you live in run level 3.
 If you install a package, it gets run at boot.  uninstall things you do not
want.  Another choice is to added configuration to /etc/defaults/foo and make
/etc/init.d/foo read that file.

update-rc.d can reassign boot priorities and what runlevels what gets run at.

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