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Re: Faxes are not delivered by mgetty

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 11:27:30AM +0100, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:

> Hallo Brian!
> Am Don, 01 Feb 2001, schrieb Brian Potkin:
> > In /etc/mgetty/new_fax I have the line
> > 
> > USER="postmaster"
> I have no USER in new_fax. Maybe I am using another new_fax-script. I
> have an ADMIN set to POSTMASTER. Postmasters mail is sent to root, and
> roots mail is sent to me.

Debian's default new_fax is written by Ed Doolittle but which one you
are using shouldn't matter provided it is executable and the permissions
are correct.
> > In the DIRECTORS CONFIGURATION section of /etc/exim.conf I have
> > 
> > system_aliases:
> >   driver = aliasfile
> >   file_transport = address_file
> >   pipe_transport = address_pipe
> >   file = /etc/aliases
> >   search_type = lsearch*
> 		         ^
> I do not have an asterix there. What does it mean?

>From /usr/share/doc/exim/spec.txt.gz:

	If '*' is added to a single-key lookup type (for example,
	lsearch*), then if the initial lookup fails, the key '*'
	is looked up in	the file to provide a default value.

So an entry such as `*: jan' in /etc/aliases would deliver mail not
addressed to postmaster or root to user jan.  It's not needed and
leaving it out shouldn't affect your fax delivery.


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