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Re: SysV Init

In your /etc directory there are a number of directorys called rcN.d where
'N' is a number indicating the runlevel.  In each of those directorys there
are a number of symbolic links which point to scripts (usually in
/etc/init.d/  - at least that's where i keep them) which start with either
'S' or 'K' which indicate whether it will be started or killed and a number
which indicates which order it is run in.

Also, I believe there is a common way to write the scripts which allow you
to pass either start,stop,restart (or maybe some others) which will allow
the symbolic links to operate properly (for being started and stopped
anyway).  I'm not positive about that though.  Does someone wanna elaborate
on this....

Leonard Leblanc

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> I'm fairly new to Debian and still learning the system.  What is the
> accepted method of configuring which services are stopped and started in
> each run level, and how can I add my own commands to the Init scripts.
> RedHat provided a file called rc.local for adding user commands.  Is
> there a similar method in Debian?
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