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Help needed on first install

> This is my first ever Debian install.  Previous experience limited to RH
> 4/5 years ago and recently Mandrake 7.1, so I am not a heavy Linux type at
> this point.
> Hardware:
>     Old AT style mainboard with 233Mhz Cyrix 8x86
>     80Mb Ram
>     Microsoft mouse (also Kensington trackball)
>     ATI Expert98 graphics card
> Software:
>     Debian 2.2r2 (potato)
> Problem:
>     I managed to muddle my way into getting the system to boot into the
> GUI mode and display
>     at 1024x768, but the mouse doesn't work.
>     I have tried both the Microsoft mouse and Kensington trackball.  Since
> it's an older AT style
>     mainboard the mouse goes on COM1 (using WinSpeak).  I figured this
> would be /dev/tty0.
>     Have tried all the different baud rates.  NADA
> A couple of questions
> (1) any hints?
> (2) I have managed to log into root in the GUI but can't seem to bring up
> an xterm with no mouse available.  What would be the key strokes to do
> that (if at all possible).
> Thanks,
> -rick

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