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Re: X madness/Voodoo or Rage 128?

Glenn Becker wrote:
> All,
> Since upgrading to woody last night, I've had confusing X problems. I run
> xf86config, choosing all the options I did for my potato box. When I run
> startx, Enlightenment pops up (it used to default to AfterStep
> ...?) ... the cursor seems ok at first, but soon shudders, wacks out of
> control, then freezes. I can't get to any other window manager.

  does keyboard work?

> History: I swapped out the ATI Rage 128 video card that came with the
> system (Dell Dimension XPS T700r) when I began with Slackware some time
> ago, because I couldn't get a satisfactory X display at all. I replaced
> it with a Voodoo 3 2000 card because I heard that support for the Voodoo
> cards was really good. The Voodoo worked swell with stable.
> I am wondering if the support situation has reversed now.
> Also, I recall a time before the advent of 'testing' when there was a
> package called dexter. One of the times I tried upgrading to woody, I got
> (unfortunately temporary) great results with dexter.
> So, my questions are:
> 1) is support for ATI Rage 128 now *better* than support for Voodoo cards?

  not sure how it compares but voodoo support is fairly good (well, I
don't have any problems), make sure you are really running new X 4.x
server, if you just upgrade the server is NOT upgraded, you have to
explicitly install xserver-xfree86, check where X points to (it's a
link), try ls -l `which X`

> 2) what happened to dexter?

  it was replaced by something, debconf?

> 3) where do I start troubleshooting this, otherwise; specifically

  see the output of X - check the version (first lines) and browse the
rest to see if there's anything suspicious.

> 4) what's the best way to capture error output from a frozen/crummy X
> display?

  csh: X >& X.err
  sh:  X 2> X.err

  just run straight X (you might need to be root to do it) so that all
the other stuff (WM etc.) is not loaded, it's a lot faster and easier to

  also, if you have mouse related problems you might want to turn off
gpm if you use it (then man gpm and search for gpmdata)

  btw I did not have any mouse problems running both gpm and X while
using X 3.X but X 4.x seems not to be happy with gpm, not sure if that's
generally valid though....


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