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X madness/Voodoo or Rage 128?


Since upgrading to woody last night, I've had confusing X problems. I run
xf86config, choosing all the options I did for my potato box. When I run
startx, Enlightenment pops up (it used to default to AfterStep
...?) ... the cursor seems ok at first, but soon shudders, wacks out of
control, then freezes. I can't get to any other window manager.

History: I swapped out the ATI Rage 128 video card that came with the
system (Dell Dimension XPS T700r) when I began with Slackware some time
ago, because I couldn't get a satisfactory X display at all. I replaced
it with a Voodoo 3 2000 card because I heard that support for the Voodoo
cards was really good. The Voodoo worked swell with stable.

I am wondering if the support situation has reversed now.

Also, I recall a time before the advent of 'testing' when there was a
package called dexter. One of the times I tried upgrading to woody, I got
(unfortunately temporary) great results with dexter. 

So, my questions are:

1) is support for ATI Rage 128 now *better* than support for Voodoo cards?
2) what happened to dexter?
3) where do I start troubleshooting this, otherwise; specifically
4) what's the best way to capture error output from a frozen/crummy X

I guess that covers it. Any help would be appreciated.


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