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Re: Truetype fonts

To quote Rob VanFleet <rvf@linux-cs.tccw.wku.edu>,
# Since XFree86 4 has been moved into testing, I figured that I can do
# away with xfstt since the new xfs supposedly supports truetype fonts.
# The problem is that I can't seem to find out what package contains the
# ttmkfdir command that allows one to make a fonts.dir for truetype
# Does anyone have an idea as to where to look?

I'd like to warn you that there are two 'ttmkfdir' programs around that
people mix up; 'ttmkfdir', and 'mkttfdir'. One is good, the other isn't
quite so good.

A while ago in #debian on irc.openprojects.net, there was a debate about
which was better. I got the tarball of the one I used and sent it around
to people and had them run in. For the six people that did it, there was
a 150-230% gain in the number of fonts and font encodings that were
recognized. The one which recognized the most encodings was 'ttmkfdir'.

A search for "ttmkfdir" on Freshmeat immediately turned up what I was
looking for, and a tarball with a prebuilt, statically linked binary is


So, there you go :) Have fun. Keep in mind that you need to have the
"freetype" module loaded from /etc/X11/XF86Config, and your font paths
need to point to the right places.

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
    Aut agere, aut mori. (Either action, or death.)

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