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Re: Dselect - a difficult beast to tame

On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 10:14:00PM -0600, ktb wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 02:03:15AM -0200, hzi wrote:
> > Good people of the community-
> > 
> >     Why on God' s green earth didn't developers ever think of end users when they made dselect?
> >     I simply can't understand why it doesn't accept a simple path (e.g., /cdrom/debian/potato) to some files I burned on a CD! Is there any easy way? Any documentation?
> >     It seems irrational that developers didn't make it accept a simple path to files...I can't install a browser in Debian, so here I am, using Windows...
> >     Somebody help!!
> > 
> Use "apt-get" see the man page for "apt-get" and "sources.list"

try 'apt-setup' (if you don't have it, try 'apt-get install
base-config') and 'apt-cdrom'...

but even on 'dselect' you can specify your sources, including cd
and ftp/http...

> After you set up /etc/apt/sources.list just -
> # apt-get install netscape-smotif-476
> or whatever version you want that is one the server your pointing to.
> Conversely you should be able to point it to your cd if you don't have a
> fast connection.  See "man apt-cdrom"

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