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Re: Another newbie (problems with installation)

Patrick Klee wrote:

    I have been a Redhat user since 4.2.  I now have SuSE 6.4 but don't like
it.  I have the Debian 2.2r0 CDs that were burnt by a friend but I can't
install the OS and kernel, or the base system, also, it has trouble finding
the directories and mounting the floppy.
Here's the situation: I have everything I need (floppies and such), but it
can't seem to find anything.  I know the CDs and floppies work, bcause my
friend installed it on his machine.  What am I doing wrong?  I checked the
install manual on the website, I think I am just really intimidated.  Can
someone help.  I heard you could get everythng with the CDs and a dial up
ALL help would be GREATLY appriciated!!!


I'm not sure what problem you're describing.

If your machine will boot off the CD, don't worry about floppies (except to make a boot floppy near the end of the install for emergency purposes). If your machine won't boot off the CD, you have to create some boot/root floppies to get the process started, but rather than go into details, let me just ask that you post further information as to what problems you're having.


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