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Re: how NOT to start x-session but x-window-manager instead

"David B. Harris" wrote:
> To quote Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com>,
> #   I would like to start up x-window-manager instead. How to properly
> # configure this in debian? remove all alternatives for
> # x-session-manager?
> If you're using 'startx', you can edit your ~/.xinitrc , and make it
> executable(if it isn't already). It's a regular script - #!/bin/sh or
> whatever else you'd like ;) So, if you wanted to use KDE2, it'd look
> like:
> #!/bin/sh
> exec startkde
> And there ya go ;) For me, it's rather more complex, as I use Sawfish
> standalone, but for GNOME it'd be:
> #!/bin/sh
> exec gnome-sessionn
> And unless I'm wrong, you should be able to use whatever program you
> want for ~/.xinitrc . Maybe I'll use some Python, play for a bit ;)

  I know I can do it that way (for xdm or startx) but I don't want to
completely override nice debian system of startup... we have these
x-session-managers and x-window-managers etc. and I would like to learn
how to work within this system, I now how to use update-alternatives to
use one or another x-session-manager or x-window-manager but how to
choose x-window-manager over x-session-manager during X startup - that's
a question. brief poking around shows no obvious way to do it other then
remove all the x-session-manager alternatives... not very elegant...


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