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Re: [OT] sound card recommendations


I belive that creative's soundblasters are well supported under Linux. The
bigger versions (they vary between $200-$800 I belive) have loads of input
and output types and they deliver very good sound. 


On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:

> I am constructing a machine that will be used as a dedicated MP3 player.
> I need a bit of input regarding what sound card to put in it.  Pretty
> much the only cards I've got experience with are Trident chipset based.
> The chipset is well supported in ALSA, but the card is pretty low
> quality (only cost $10).
> Whatever card I get should be fully supported by ALSA.  I'd like decent
> line-in support.  I have a pretty big cassette collection and would like
> to record the contents to disk before the quality degrades too far.
> It would also be nice to have both amplified and unamplified output.  At
> the moment the card will be plugged in to a set of "multimedia" speakers
> but may in the future be hooked up to a real stereo amp.
> Does anybody here have experience with such a system setup?  What's an
> appropriate card?
> Thanks.
> noah
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