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[OT] sound card recommendations

I am constructing a machine that will be used as a dedicated MP3 player.
I need a bit of input regarding what sound card to put in it.  Pretty
much the only cards I've got experience with are Trident chipset based.
The chipset is well supported in ALSA, but the card is pretty low
quality (only cost $10).

Whatever card I get should be fully supported by ALSA.  I'd like decent
line-in support.  I have a pretty big cassette collection and would like
to record the contents to disk before the quality degrades too far.

It would also be nice to have both amplified and unamplified output.  At
the moment the card will be plugged in to a set of "multimedia" speakers
but may in the future be hooked up to a real stereo amp.

Does anybody here have experience with such a system setup?  What's an
appropriate card?


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