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Re: Creative Ensoniq modules..

On at 11:39 on Sun 14 Jan, Stefan Srdic wrote:
> mike wrote:
> >         Well i use es1371 also, but lsmod only shows es1371. In any case you
> > can try modprobe es1371 and it will automatically load any dependencies.
> >         Its been working with gtcd and XMMS for mp3.
> I get an (unused) remark beside my es1371 module after listing the currently
> loaded modules.
> At first I though that the modules where conflicting with the old soundblaster
> modules (sb), I removed their configuration files from /etc/modutils and added
> one for the es1371 module then re-ran module-update. I have specified the io
> port and irq that the device is using in the option file. I found this
> information by doing a cat /proc/pci | more. I just dont understand why the
> module is not detecting the PCI card. Any advice on how to solve this?

	Well you might try putting the card in a different slot, in case
there is some type of conflict. I only put an entry in /etc/modules for
es1371 , i did not add any aliases in modutils and there are none in
	But the card is detected and shows in the boot messages:
es1371: unloading
es1371: version v0.22 time 08:24:01 Dec 12 2000
es1371: found chip, vendor id 0x1274 device id 0x5880 revision 0x02
es1371: found es1371 rev 2 at io 0xe000 irq 5
es1371: features: joystick 0x0
es1371: codec vendor   v (0x838476) revision 9 (0x09)
es1371: codec features 18bit DAC 18bit ADC
es1371: stereo enhancement: SigmaTel SS3D



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