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Re: Wow, after weeks re-installing everything, I finally started x

To quote DTi4565459@aol.com,
# So, I guess it is progress.  Finally succeeded on Mitsubishi Amity
# with xf86config, using monochrome VGA and lowest resolutions.  OK, now
X will 
# start, and a get cross-hatched screen with a big black X in the
middle.  But 
# system is not responsive to keystrokes, like alt-F2 to try to start a
# & find out what is going on (if possible), and mouse is frozen too. 
If I 
# exit with C_A_backspace, I can back to prompt.  

When in X, CTRL+ALT+F<x> will get you to a console, not ALT+F<x>. Your
mouse needs to be configured. :) If you're using Debian Potato, use
XF86Setup. If not, or if XF86Setup doesn't work, you'll probably have to
manually edit /etc/X11/XF86Config.

# OK. "locate gnome" finds MANY files.  But "gnome" at prompt returns:
# bash: gnome: command not found.

GNOME is a DE(Desktop Environment), and as such has many different
parts. Most parts have their own commands. Like gnome-session for the
session manager, 'panel' for the panel, ad nauseum. How are you starting
X? It should bring up *some* form of environment for you. If you're just
typing 'X' at the prompt, then that's your problem. Try 'startx'

You'll have to include more information for more help.

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
    Aut agere, aut mori. (Either action, or death.)

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