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RE: AWE64 and ALSA

You do not need the OSS sound modules or support for the card compiled in if
you're using ALSA....it has OSS emulation built in so applications that
access /dev/dsp will still work, you just need to load the OSS-support
modules after installing ALSA.

There is great documentation on the ALSA web site to get everything
working...  www.alsa-project.org

does apt-get also grab the libraries and utilities?  you'll need those as
well as the drivers...the web site has source for all 3, and probably more
recent versions than apt packages have....I'd recommend downloading and
installing from the source.  ./configure; make; make install in each of the
3 source trees works flawlessly 99% of the time.  (for me anyway)  


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Subject: AWE64 and ALSA

I recently migrated to Debian potato from RedHat, and I am thrilled,
with the exception of my sound card setup. I haven't been able to get it
to work, and the online documentation I've seen is confusing and
contradictory. The Debian install manual doesn't mention sound at all,
and Linuxdoc recommends recompiling the kernel. Another says I just have
to have the correct modules installed and activated.

Additionally, these instructions are for the free OSS drivers, which are
fine but I want to use ALSA. Can I use ALSA without running OSS, or does
ALSA need OSS to run? I have apt-get installed the ALSA packages, but it
doesn't yet work.

My desired goal is to get my AWE64 working under ALSA. Can anyone point
me in the right direction to accomplish this?



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