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Re: Grub vs LILO

Brian May wrote:
> >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Schuetz <ts22548@mail.cybernetisp.net> writes:
>     Tom> Anybody know much about pros/cons of grub for a boot manager?
>     Tom> Thanks!
> grub is harder to initially install (as far as I know installation is
> still manual, but I could be mistaken), but once installed you can
> boot from any kernel on any partition.
> lilo on the other hand must be preconfigured with a list of blocks for
> the kernels that it can boot. So don't forget to re-run lilo
> after updating your kernel, or you want be able to boot.
> grub does not have this problem.
> grub also has its own way of naming hard disk partitions which you
> could find confusing at first (first partition of first IDE drive is
> (hd0,0).
> --
Question for a grub-wise person:

I use grub, including scsi emulation for my CDR burner, and I had no
problem installing, none at all :-)

However I'd like to know how to pass arguments to the kernel when I
For instance, how do I start in single-user mode ?
Do I have to predefine such things in menu.lst, or is there another way
One that would not clutter the nice menu.

Speaking of which, does anybody has handy a slice of a config file that
makes those menus a bit nicer ?


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