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Re: Grub vs LILO

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Schuetz <ts22548@mail.cybernetisp.net> writes:

    Tom> Anybody know much about pros/cons of grub for a boot manager?
    Tom> Thanks!

grub is harder to initially install (as far as I know installation is
still manual, but I could be mistaken), but once installed you can
boot from any kernel on any partition.

lilo on the other hand must be preconfigured with a list of blocks for
the kernels that it can boot. So don't forget to re-run lilo
after updating your kernel, or you want be able to boot.

grub does not have this problem.

grub also has its own way of naming hard disk partitions which you
could find confusing at first (first partition of first IDE drive is
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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