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More legacy/proprietry app headaches.

Hi all,

New problem with not only a proprietry app, but a old one.

Netscape calendar client doiesn't want to play with Debian. Even worse
this is a product that Netscape has dropped which means a big fat zero
support wise. I can assure anyone who tries to help that it can run under
redhat and mandrake.

I have installed all the stuff for libc5.

nscal just reports, can not load libXpm.so.4. doing and ldd ./nscal tells
me it can not find that lib. a ldconfig -v | grep Xpm tells me the library
is alive and well.

Is anyone running this program on Debian. This is the second time I have
had issues running an app under Debian that worked on other distro's. I
really want to stick with the swirl as it kicks it for most stuff, but
seems to be having some issues with netscape apps.

Thanks for any help,


Stewart James                      Systems Programmer
Victoria University            Information Technology
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