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Re: More legacy/proprietry app headaches.

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 09:36:32 +1100, Stewart James wrote:
> nscal just reports, can not load libXpm.so.4. doing and ldd ./nscal tells
> me it can not find that lib. a ldconfig -v | grep Xpm tells me the library
> is alive and well.

Possibly this binary has been compiled -rpath (i.e. hardwiring the search
path for dynamic libraries, rather than using the settings from

Does "objdump --all-headers nscal" have something like "RPATH" in it?

If so, what may work is to make a copy of the binary and using a binary
editor on it to change the first character of the RPATH string to the NULL
character. Another option is to add a symlink to the library in a directory
that it is searching in.

I've seen this problem on a few occasions with X-using binaries that were
compiled on older versions of Red Hat.

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