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Re: When was /dev/gpmdata put into use??

* Carel Fellinger <cfelling@iae.nl> wrote:

> You could use an alias like "alias mc='mc -b'", couldn't you:) The
> otherway around is impossible without recompilation. BUT...

You mean "mc -d". I will add a note about it in README.Debian.

I must admit, that I use mc in xterms only, and then I use the mouse
only for cut&paste.

> In X it's clear from the visual context when the mouse is in
> `cut&paste' mode or in `command' mode.

Is it? Not in xterms.

> So I think it's wise to have a Debian policy to *not* have the mouse
> act in `command' mode on the console, unless specified otherwise by
> the user.

I am indifferent about this. Shift+mouse for cut&paste is documented
in mc's help.

>  I'm no Debian-developer, so I think I'm not entitled to propose
>  such a policy chance:(, besides, I don't know how to procede with
>  it:)

Check /usr/doc/debian-policy/policy-process.text.gz or the html

> Nontheless, I think the Debian mc man should alter the behaviour and
> the options for mc to reflect the above,

If you can convince upstream (the mc2-devel@nuclecu.unam.mx) or make
it policy, then I will do it.

I can't really judge if this is a good thing or not. I will only
change mc's behaviour in a incompatible way (different mouse handling)
to its prior version for compelling reasons.


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