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Re: Cannot Open /dev/dsp device

You can probably play music from a cd with any cd player, you can probably
play a wav file with 
play  file.wav

but you can't play an .mp3 with xmms.  You'll need to recompile a kernel
with your sound card selected.

Have look at the Debian University:	


I've just emerged from the cannot open /dev/dsp  dilemma myself.

You may still need to run xmms with sudo, even though you're in the audio

Get hold of grip; put a cd in you cd; you can play any track.
Rip a track (right click on it to select).
Play it as a .wav.
Get BladeEnc.
Encode a .wav.
sudo xmms
Select your .mp3  .

You'll know then if you need to recompile the kernel.

Best wishes. 

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