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Re: Cannot Open /dev/dsp device

Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> Hi.  xanim complains that it cannot open the /dev/dsp
> device.  Funny thing is, I'm in the audio group and the
> device's permissions seem legit:

first be sure your audio driver is installed and is working.
i suggest playing a mp3 as root in single user mode (init 1)
to make it easiest to rule out anything else using the device.

and/or run

lsof | grep dsp

get the lsof-2.2 package for this im assuming your using
kernel 2.2 ..dont know if the package works on kernel 2.4
as i have never used 2.4.

from what i see 2 things could be wrong either something
is using the device, or something WAS using the device
but hasn't let it go, or #2 would be the audio driver
is not installed/not compadible/broken/etc.

also could be a hardware conflict which would be
related to the audio driver as it cannot load properly
if there is a conflict.


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