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boot problems take 2

Does nobody have any suggestions?  I see lots of helpful suggestions
on the list daily, but no comments on my problem yet.

Should I forget about Debian and continue with RedHat?

Please offer suggestions, even if it is a wild guess.  Anything would
be helpful.


On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 09:40:42PM -0500, D-Man wrote:
| I can't boot Debian the right way.  I use loadlin.exe to boot, thus I
| copy my kernel images to C:\ so that loadlin can find them.  This has
| worked fine for me with RH6.1 (custom kernel) and RH7.0 (stock
| kernel).  I copied my Debian kernel to C:\, but loadlin tells me it's
| not a kernel.  I can boot the Debian system if I use the RH kernel
| (2.2.16).
| Debian Potato, 2.2.17 idepci kernel
| Any ideas as to why loadlin doesn't think the debian kernel is a
| kernel?
| Also, what is the proper command to upgrade the kernel?  I want to
| upgrade to the "normal" kernel (I used the idepci kernel to do a
| network install) and if I can I want to upgrade to 2.2.18.
| Thanks,
| -D

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