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Re: Burning with PCMCIA ATAPI/IDE

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 08:43:32AM -0500, David B.Harris wrote:
> I've got IDE-SCSI emulation working, and this is what I had to do:
> Added:
> append="ignore=hdb ide-scsi=hdb"

because it did not work for me, i tried to compile a kernel, following the Debian Way (using make-kpkg and dpkg --install kernel...custom).

Now, the results :

The kernel recognize my ATAPI/IDE TOSHIBA CDROM-R ONLY on my laptop as a SCSI device, BUT it do not recognize the extern PCMCIA one...

In fact the issue is rather simple (if my suggestion is right) : the card manager cardmg start at the whole end of the boot process whereas the "SCSI handler" is at the top of the process. So how could this work ?

But I can't imagine a workaround...

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