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Re: Burning with PCMCIA ATAPI/IDE

> Now to burn with cdrecord, you need a SCSI device. Is there an
> easy way to make the beast emulated as an SCSI device ?
> I tried append="hde=ide-scsi" in lilo.conf, but this don't work.

One thing to try is to run "modconf" and add "SCSI Emulation" (and
possibly another option or two... sorry, don't remember right now).

I could *not* get it to work with the default debian kernel. I tried
adding some modules with modconf, added a similar line to
/etc/lilo.conf, and so on. It seems to me I was missing the "sr_mod"
module and couldn't load it via modconf. I ended up compiling a custom
kernel and it works fine now.

Hall Stevenson

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