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Re: Box refusing connections after changing to static IP?

"Dan" == Dan White <whitehse@cafedemocracy.org> writes:

> Willy Lee wrote:
>> Hello debian-user,
>> I have a box I've set up at work as a CVS server, to accept CVS and
>> SSH connections, mostly from Windows boxes on an internal network.
>> Well, I installed Debian 2.2 stable on it and set it up to use DHCP
>> to get it's IP, got CVS and SSH working, everything was fine.
>> However, I was told to change it to use a static IP.  I mucked with
>> /etc/network/interfaces to use a static IP, may have done some
>> other tweaking of mostly unrelated stuff, and then I noticed that,
>> whereas before I could have a SSH session open from my Windows
>> machine (putty) all day, now I get periodically kicked off
>> ("connection has been reset by peer"-type messages), or it takes
>> several tries to get a connection.  And our CVS access also has the
>> same kind of problem ("connection refused by host" -type messages),
>> have to try repeatedly for over a minute sometimes.  This is very
>> annoying, to say the least.

> Sounds like and IP conflict.

>> Dan White

Oh!  I never thought of that.  Pardon me, I'm rather new at this.  How
would I go about confirming this?  


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