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Re: Can't start rpc.nfsd

On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 05:40:28PM -0800, Nate Amsden wrote:
> one thing is you could be attempting to run the kernel mode nfs
> server without having kernel support compiled in (or loaded via
> module if its capable of being loaded via modules). run
> dpkg -l | grep nfs to see which you have ..

> my personal experience is that the user space nfs is much more
> reliable then the kernel space(only have used the kernel space
> on prebuild redhat boxes though) kernel space servers are great
> if you never have to reconfigure but i've found every single time
> i tried to reconfigure a kernel nfsd(changing /etc/exports) required
> a reboot for knfsd to restart properly. maybe it's a problem
> specific to redhat, im not sure as any system i build always gets
> the userspace nfs.

geez redhat is really screwed up...

the userspace nfsd is much much worse then the kernel space daemon at
this point, its slow, its a massive resource hog, and does not support
file locking.  furthermore i don't think the userspace nfsd is
maintained upstream anymore.  

as of 2.2.18 the kernel space nfsd is of very high quality and
supports NFSv3 to boot.  as for rebooting, i have been running the
kernel space nfsd since 2.2.14 with hardly any problems (less then
with the flaky userspace anyway) i have NEVER had to reboot to
reconfigure it.  2.2.18's new NFS code has solved most if not all the
little minor glitches and bugs that have been always present in
linux's previously crappy NFS support.

Ethan Benson

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