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Re: Weird Gnome problem, wm acts non-compliant when non-root

Nathan E Norman <nnorman@micromuse.com> writes:
NEN> Running woody with Helix Gnome packages.

Keep in mind that the Helix packages aren't part of Debian.  Unstable
seems to have had pretty current GNOME packages for a while now.

NEN> I use gdm as my display manager, gnome-session as my session
NEN> manager, and sawfish as my window manager.  For the past week or two
NEN> I've had this weird problem: if I log in as a "normal" (non-root)
NEN> user, the window manager acts non-gnome compliant - the desktop gmc
NEN> icons show up in the task list applet.  Startup is painfully slow.

I don't get this with an identical setup, but then I'm running the
Debian GNOME.  YMMV.

NEN> Logging in as root "solves" this problem, but I don't view that as a
NEN> real solution.  It sure looks like a permissions problem, but I don't
NEN> know where to start.

Well, are any interesting messages printed to your X session log (with 
xdm, in $HOME/.xsession-errors; with gdm, either there or in
$HOME/.gnome-errors, IIRC)?  Are you running a GNOME-enabled Sawfish?
In Debian-land, at least, the 'sawfish' package doesn't have GNOME
support, but the 'sawfish-gnome' package does.

NEN> Does this sound familiar?  I looked at the BTS for sawfish bugs
NEN> (though I think I've decided this isn't a sawfish bug at all).

Note that bugs on Helix packages wouldn't/shouldn't be in the Debian
BTS.  If the same bug was present in the official Debian packages,
there might be.

David Maze             dmaze@mit.edu          http://www.mit.edu/~dmaze/
"Theoretical politics is interesting.  Politicking should be illegal."
	-- Abra Mitchell

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