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Printing to legal paper (urgent help needed)


I *really* need to print a document to a legal-size paper.  I
formatted a document using psnup to fit 10 pages on one side:

  psnup -plegal -Pletter -10 report.ps /tmp/rep10.ps

and when I open it with gv, I can see all ten pages, but only if I
choose `legal' from the drop-down list of paper sizes (which shows as
BBox otherwise).  When sent to the printer (regardless if I do it from
`gv' or with plain `lpr'), I only get eight of the pages printed (and
the space for the two other pages is left unoccupied).  I.e. the page
is printed as if on a letter-sized paper.

My understanding is that lpr does not understand that the document is
formatted for legal paper.  I have HP DeskJet 697 for a printer and I
use it with magicfilter, modified to use hpdj driver.

I'm lacking clue as to how to remedy or debug the problem; would
anyone please help?

Many thanks,
Arcady Genkin
Don't read everything you believe.

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