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Re: executable compatible with Debian and Redhat?

This is correct.  I have a RH7.0 system:

$ gcc --version
$ rpm -q glib

(I don't know if the glib is stable or not)

Check on gcc.gnu.org and you will see that 2.96 was the label for the devel tree
and is binary incompatible with all but version 2.96.  If you want to "upgrage"
(don't!) your system to use gcc 2.96 it will be binary compatible with other
executables made with 2.96.  Of course, then things made with the stable 2.95.2
won't work.

(also, the c++ optimizer has a bug that gives an internal compiler error and
quits when compiling certain code)


PS.	When I get some free time I want to install Debian on my other disk
and see how I like it.  Anybody want to offer a comparison of Debian and RedHat
with both pros and cons? (on a diff thread of course)

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:56:35 Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
 | Hi,
 | this is pure hearsay, which I have no documentation for....
 | I heard about this problem (from what I consider knowlegable people),
 | red hat seems to be using a development branch of either gcc or glibc
 | (I forget which, sorry), the result RedHat 7.0 is frequently if not
 | always binary incompatable with any other GNU/Linux implementation.
 | As I said this is hear say, I'll try and find references one way or
 | the other.
 | Corrections welcome flames > /dev/null
 | -Jon
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