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Re: executable compatible with Debian and Redhat?

on Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 04:46:17PM -0800, Jinsong Zhao (zhaojs@cadence.com) wrote:
> This is the first horrible thing I can think of: code compiled on
> Debian does not run on Redhat! Several programs I compiled on the
> Debian run fine on Debian, but when I installed Redhat and tried to
> run those programs, say in bash you type "./pgp", then the error
> message is:
> bash: ./pgp: No such file or directory
> I used this command: "sh pgp" and then the error message is:
> cannot execute binary file
> I downloaded the binary geomview package from www.geomview.org. It
> runs fine on Debian, but it has the several problem as above.
> My redhat is 7.0. What is happening here? Does anyone have similar
> experience?

Is this a script?  How have you transferred it between systems?  Are
there any embedded carriage returns (ASCII \015, ^M) at the end of

If so, you may be fooling your command interpreter, and need to strip
out the carriage returns.   The dos2unix utility should do this for you.

Just ran into this myself yesterday ;-P

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