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Re: coping with a high-volume mailing list (like this one)?

In message <[🔎]>it was written:
>I'm curious to know what strategies are used by regular subscribers
>to this list to deal with the high volume of messages (>250/day)?

Although it doesn't pertain directly to your question, I felt like sharing :)

I used to use mh to filter all the messages into a separate folder for
"later viewing". MH (and nmh) provide some great mechanisms for this if you
happen to have a "hosted" email address on some unix box and don't mind
command line stuff (of course procmail is much better for filtering, more flexible
and lets you use whatever frontend you want, but I digress).

Anywho, the problem with sorting all my list mail into a separate folder was
that I *never* got around to reading any messages in the list and they would
build up into the thousands which I would delete periodicly.

I moved machines but didn't move my folder sorting thing, and noticed that
I read every message now, or at least skim it quickly. This is probably a side
effect of how mh from the command line works.. just a matter of typing next
over and over and over .. (though in actuality I don't use 'next', I use
a little util I wrote called mh-watch[1]).

Anyway. I find it sort of amusing. At least now I have lots to read with ltitle
effort, and I'm actually pleased when I wake up in the morning with 200 messages
to skim through. :)

[1]: http://www.grawk.net/~nick/proj/mh-watch/

as always,
            nick@grawk.net * http://www.fargus.net/nick
    Developer - Systems Engineer - Mad System Guru - MOO Sales
    he picks up scraps of information/he's adept at adaptation
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