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Re: cvs - howto? (aviplay)

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 12:41:18AM +0100, Michael Mertins wrote:
> Hi
> I'm very interested in the development of avifile.
> Now I heard it's going on and is updated by 'cvs'. How can I use it on my
> Debianbox? Do I need a package to get it all started?
You need the debian package cvs. There is also a cvs-doc package,
but you might be ok with the online documentation at www.cvshome.org.

After installing cvs, set the CVSROOT variable after the instructions
from the repository owner (the avifile people). 
Then do a cvs login, with username and password also from the owner.
You do the login only once, the password is saved in your .cvspass
file. Then execute
cvs get avifile
or a similar command (info from the owner). This will produce a
directory tree in your current directory. You do this also only 

Later you do 
cvs update
as often as you like, and modified files will come down the line
like magic.

Johan Ur Riise
90 15 77 78

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